Friday, October 25, 2013

Black And White Again....

Blazer - Theory via TJ Maxx(other colors), similiar
Dress - Diane von Furstenberg
Pumps - Jimmy Choo
Necklace - boutique find

Here I am again in black and white...  It's funny, but before I started this blog, I thought I wore a lot more color.  I will definitely have to work color into my outfits.  
Do you ever have those days when you need to find something business formal, but still stylish for a meeting?  I had a big meeting with a very fashionable client and I needed to convey my expertise but not distract from my message (and still fit in with all of the stylish clients!).  I know I've said it before, but I love the simplicity of black and white for times like this.  This dress was an amazing sale find and it is my go-to meeting dress when I want to feel confident and stylish. I topped it off with my favorite power heels and a fun statement necklace for an added dose of style (and confidence...).  The meeting went well so my preparation (and great outfit!) must have paid off!

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