Wednesday, January 15, 2014

My Style Resolutions

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Looking at my overstuffed closet, I realize that I need a change in 2014.  I rarely do New Year’s resolutions, so I would prefer to call these more style resolutions that happen to come up in January :).  

I often find myself at the mall on the weekend wandering through the stores and then I’m surprised when I’ve bought a few items.  This came to a head over the break when I came home with a very cute dress only to find a very similar dress in my closet, with the tags on!!   I realized I was throwing money away and hence, resolution 1.  Not only will I save money by cutting back on some of these purchases, but I want to stretch my creativity and find new ways to wear the items already in my closet.  Just to clarify, that isn’t my closet above.  I just wish it was!!

That same experience led to resolutions 2 and 3.  I won’t deny that I’m very lucky to have a lot of great pieces in my closet, but I also have a lot of impulse buys just sitting there.  While that may make the people at the consignment shop happy, this year I want to avoid those purchases and be able to invest in some classic, (but maybe not cheap…) items.  I was shocked to find I don’t have a white button down or a black cashmere v-neck.  Also, I’ve wanted a great designer bag for a few years now.  This might be the year to save up and buy one, like this gorgeous Prada bag or this great Celine.

Finally, after looking over some of my favorite blogs (and along with some changes in my offline life), I’ve decided that this is a year to take more risks, and that will apply to my closet as well.  I love how Rachel Parcell of Pink Peonies or Blair Eadiee of Atlantic-Pacific push the boundaries with pairing.  Now that I’m not travelling 4 days a week, I can have more fun with my work (and non-work) outfits and I plan on doing that to the fullest!

Sorry for the rambling post!  What are your style resolutions?

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